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About Us

A little story about our company

Oscar F. Henry’s original storefront built in the 1940s.

Our History

Oscar F. Henry (OFH) first opened the business in 1941, and he constructed the building at 607 Delaware Avenue sometime in the 40’s. The business originally began as a building supplies company for both residential and commercial customers. Most of the products were pipe and tile, concrete products, and windows. OFH was a Fenestra window distributor.

After the World War II hollow metal doors started becoming popular and Fenestra’s door business evidently took off. Fenestra also OEM’d hardware which lead the company to sell doors and hardware because of the association with Fenestra and windows. Oscar’s son Robert “Bob” Henry did not come into the business until around 1950. Doors became more important as the window business declined. OFH picked up Steelcraft and Corbin direct and through the 50’s sold less and less of the other products.

Current facilities at 613 Delaware Avenue.

Current facilities at 613 Delaware Avenue.

After the passing of Oscar F. Henry in 1956, Bob took over the company. OFH still sold some concrete products up through most of the 60’s, but the other original building products including windows were gone by the early to mid 60’s. At that time our bids included most Division 10 products and rolling steel doors. Through market changes, our focus turned more toward Division 8 products, specifically Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, Wood Doors and Finish Hardware. In 1991, The Henry family sold Oscar F. Henry Company to Charleston native Ron Martin. Today it continues as the only Division 8 distributor in the state of West Virginia whose sole focus is commercial doors, frames and hardware. Additionally, Oscar F. Henry Co. Employs the only AHC’s in the state, bidding and supplying all manner of projects no matter how complex.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Oscar F. Henry Company is the only distributor in the state whose sole focus is commercial doors and hardware.
  • OFH employs the only AHC’s in West Virginia.
  • We have over the counter sales for small projects and walk-in’s.  We also bid the largest projects as well.
  • OFH has a UL Wood Door and Custom Hollow Metal Shop.
  • We provide Finish Hardware installation on doors.
  • OFH team members participate in continuous education keeping us up-to-date with the latest codes and products.

Meet the Team

Ron Martin

Ron Martin

Ron is currently the president and owner of Oscar F. Henry Company that was purchased in 1991 in an asset buyout from…Read more.
Eric Martin, CSI

Eric Martin, CSI

Eric is the son of Ron Martin and has been with Oscar F. Henry since 2008. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with…Read more.

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